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50 Tips for Helping Elders – the book

by jameec on January 25, 2016

project_image_152After nearly 94 years my mom has given up independent living. We recently moved her into an assisted living facility where she is very happy now. 

For the past seven years I cared for my mother in a very personal way.  I learned a lot during those years about caring for elders. As mom’s needs grew so did the time I spent with her. Eventually it became a part time job as she required more and more care.

For instance, I made sure her house was safe. I saw that the fridge was stocked up
and she had time outdoors for some fresh air. I made sure she could get around safely clearing a pathway in her patio-garden. While she designed the garden I would do the planting. She has always had quite a green thumb! We’ve had a good time together.  

As her eyesight became worse, (she is now legally blind), it became absolutely necessary for her home to be maintained in a certain way.  Discovering and meeting many of moms needs came naturally for me. I could observe and suss out her needs and find out a way to manage them most of the time. We learn as we go. That said, some of the best ways to make improvements included my siblings, I was not a lone wolf here.

And even though I could see certain solutions easily I learned that others did not quite understand the needs of an elder the way I had become accustomed to. And why would they?  I think it takes spending time with an elder to learn what they need. Even something as simple as holding her arm when she walked from the front door of her home to my car door wasn’t clear to some people. I would notice that and exclaim eeeek!…”don’t let go of her”.

I learned so much caring for my mom my sister prompted me to write a book about it!  So. Ok, I’ll create a little book to help others in the same situation. Thanks sis! I’ll do it, I’ll compile my experience of caring for my mom into a little book to help others care for their aging parents or the elders they love.

Oh, I have a twitter page to go along with this project. Take a look if you want to track my progress:
Thank You!




Jaime Cobb doing a Demonstration of Liu He Ba Fa

by jameec on January 19, 2016

Liu He Ba Fa is one of my favorite forms, one I haven’t quite learned well ….yet! 
 * * *
Below is a video of my dear friend Jaime Cobb doing a Demonstration of Liu He Ba Fa Chuan.

Posted by Santa Fe Internal Arts on Sunday, April 26, 2015

Click here to view the video demonstration.


Getting Outa’ Dodge

by jameec on September 21, 2015

“Money is really a form of energy. The difference between having money and not having money is a quiet, subtle shift in consciousness.  A conscious exchange of funds requires presence.  Learning to gather your personal power in order to create a conscious flow of money in your life and effect good on the planet is the goal here.” 

When we push the river we only get wet and hey, we might even fall into the river and finally get with the flow of things.

Pay attention to your business and your cash flow but not at the expense of spending time with nature.  Spend time in nature and clear your head. The, get back to the heart of the matter as the heart is the best place to do business from, to connect with others and to move from.

When the need arises, leave your desk behind and as the saying goes…. ‘Get Outa Dodge’. Prosperity comes in so many ways. Enjoy the video.


5 Steps to Compelling Storytelling on Video – free course!

July 25, 2015

In this free 40 minute video class I layout the 5 basic components of creating and telling a compelling, concise and moving video for your viewers. Following these 5 basic elements of storytelling will keep your message to the point and your viewers eyeballs watching!  (For those of you who like bite-sized lessons, you can choose the […]

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Good Question

July 4, 2015

“How do I reconcile my current identity as an artist and a healer into this new life as an internet marketer?” (By the way, to all my friends, students and colleagues – no worries, I am not switching careers! I will still be providing Chi Kung Healing, teaching the Alexander Technique and the Universal Healing […]

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Buddha’s Teacher

March 10, 2014

I dreamt I was standing alone in the middle of a dojo. It was a typical dojo. If you’ve ever been to or seen a martial arts studio you might notice low ceilings, lights that are too bright, mirrors on one side of the room, a pile of weapons in one or more of the the […]

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Chakra Healing Class 2

February 3, 2014

 Healing and Attuning the Heart and Throat Centers   In this class we will be working with our own inner guidance, accessing the wisdom and healing capabilities of our Unlimited Selves to attune and heal our heart and throat chakras. The Heart Chakra is the integration point between our first three chakras (our connection to our embodied […]

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Chakra Healing Class

January 4, 2014

The Chakra energy system is an ‘essential living aspect’ of the human begin. To function at optimal health it is important that our chakra energy system be tuned and cleared from time to time. In this Chakra Healing Class we’ll be attuning and getting information and messages from our own higher guidance to support the healing […]

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Tai Chi at Teotihuacan

December 15, 2013

Last month I had the chance to travel to Mexico to teach Tai Chi and the Alexander Technique with Marie Favorito, Director of the Boston Healing Tao.We were invited by the Da You group of Mexico City. In this video Marie Favorito performs the Tai Chi short form with Healing Tao Instructor Jorge Arrubarrena, (also […]

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Namaste Fever

October 10, 2013

The song ‘Namaste Fever’ is from Act II of a show called Shine On New World. A Global Message went out on Facebook asking people to film themselves making the Namaste gesture…and we asked them to pass it on….and here we are spreading a message of peace and kindness to Shine more light onto the world. Enjoy […]

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